About Happy Happenings

Hi there!

HAPPY HAPPENINGS came in a dream :)  A real dream…

I was given a bookmark in my dream with the words “Happy Happenings” printed (soon the bookmark will be available here on this website).

It took me a while to realize the fact that dreams could be shared like joy, like love…

In a world of disasters, stress, calamities reported everyday in every possible medium of media,

we humans need to remember the good, the human, the happy more than ever.

“Happy Happenings” has become a mantra ever since that dream.  It has brought many

good happenings.

My intention is to help many happy happenings today and everyday.  By posting and sending out these little quotes and pictures I want to help many smiles (even at times of darkness).   I post almost daily like a blog on this website.

Please feel free to share the images, the posts that you like with friends, family and loved ones…

So here we go: HAPPY HAPPENINGS… 


With love,